I would like to begin this piece answering to a question that has been chasing me for long time, a question I kept asking inside of me every time I pushed myself over the limits: How far am I willing to go down this road? What does photography really mean to me?  Well, after few years lived intensely focusing on different businesses, I finally reached a conclusion and figured out the answer: "Yes, I'm willing to walk this road all the way down and despite the obstacles I could face in the future I will keep walking till my final destination whatever it takes. The reason is very easy: photography represents the greatest expression of my creativity, something capable to release a total freedom of my thoughts and allowes me to reach the true happiness" - I underline true because I believe there are many layers of happiness but the one experienced with photography is definitely at the highest position. I define the moment when I hold the breath before releasing the shutter button as pure adrenaline. Having the camera in my hands means being transported to another dimension, where time stops and I become a film director of life around me. Everything seems to be more clear and the world moves on like in slow-motion short. Photography was definitely the biggest discovery of my life: it was my America, and just like Christopher Columbus found America by mistake, also my journey began quite casually in London, during the years of my business studies.

In fact, observing the works of genius, such as Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Ansel Adams, Salgado or McCurry - still today exemples and source of inspiration in my photographs - I gradually developed a strong need to live personally those scenes that I used to see on books or web pages. There was a fire burning inside of me that pushed to make me feel the same excitment or fear that proceded or followed those shots. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to communicate my perception of the world through my perspectives and show different facets of life, which every day manifests itself in an extraordinary variety of events that people sometimes do not even notice from very close.

Therefore the last months before leaving London to begin a new chapter of my life in China, I decided to buy my first reflex camera. I had no basics, no previuos experiences and absolutely no clue on how to use it. However, from that moment on it became an inseparable travel companion and a partner of incredible adventures.

My photography ranges from chaotic metropolitan scenes or emotional social stories in black&white to totally isolated landscapes and images depicting the amazingness of nature and wildlife.

My motto is: "The best shot is the next!"

The official projects I carried out so far are:

- Under tha shades of Platanos (Canary Islands);

- Beyond the Giant Dragon (China);

- Il Bel Paese (Italy)

- Primitive Land & Human Touch (Iceland);

- Urban Theatre (Hong Kong);

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